Monday, July 19, 2010

July Sizzler

Mock Orange Bikes had a few converts this past weekend at the July Sizzler Mtn bike race in Greensboro, NC. Brad, Zack, Joe, and Charles traded in their 700cc tires for 26 inch aggressive tread. Along with myself, Zack, Charles, and Brad took on others in the Cat 1 30-39 race. When the flag went up, Brad and Charles led the charge up the first grassy (and wet) climb to sit 1st and 3rd going into the woods. I sat right behind Brad in fourth position. The first mile saw the usuasual scramble for posisition and inevitable setbacks of guys off the bike and minor crashes (that were sure to occur in the soggy conditions). Upon a mishap at the begginning I went into the woods around 8th posistion and had to bide my time for passing opertunities. Finally I was able to get around some of the traffic and catch back up to Brad and Zack. Charles had gone up ahead with Tommy Rogers. I managed to bridge to Charles just before the greenway on the 1st lap. However Tommy had already left and was about 45 sec to a minute up the trail. I dug deep for the first 3 laps but was unable to bridge to Tommy and I finished in 2nd for the day. Charles took 4th and Brad took 5th! A very good day for MOB at the Sizzler. In other races both Micheal T. and Jeff V. looked strong in their respective races and Joe C took 3rd in the Cat 3 men 30-39!. Great day on the trails for all members of the MOB!

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